Benitoite - The Rare Sapphire Blue Gem From California

 BENITOITE - A Very Rare Gem

Benitoite is a beautiful sapphire blue gem which is found in only one location in the world, which is San Benito County in central California. This is the Dallas gem mine which was discovered back in 1909, and has been mined off and on by various operators ever since.  With only one source of gem material on the entire planet, it is extremely rare and definitely a collector's gemstone. The gem possesses excellent optical properties, and is very bright and full of dispersion. The optical properties of this gem make round brilliant stones the most responsive cut because it maximizes both the sparkle and dispersion of the gemstone.

Unfortunately examples of this gem are virtually always small.  Most stones are less than a carat in size. Occasionally, some larger stones to come onto the market, but only a few of the largest stones available exceed five carats in size.  Clean small stones are occasionally available on the market for those who are willing to do some searching. Because they are rare and desirable, all examples of this gem are fairly expensive, and larger stones can be quite expensive. Because the natural color is quite beautiful, virtually all Benitoite gems are completely natural, and there are no well-known treatment techniques used on this stone.




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