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1000 Carats Rough Oregon Sunstone

This Parcel's Essential Facts:

Gem Photo

Size and Cut: Approx 1 to 10 carats

Weight (cts):

Parcel Weight 1000 ct

Clarity Grade:

Mine Run, Approx. 80% Facet Grade



Mined in:

Plush, Oregon
Retail Value: $70
Comments:  This lot contains 1000 carats (200 grams) of straw yellow facet grade Oregon Sunstone feldspar. The material is transparent and easy to facet (though some will have minor cracks and flaws). See Photo.  The larger stones are in the 10  size range. This material is typical of what is found by rock hounds at the Plush, Oregon Sunstone site. You could drive there and spend a day or two digging, screening and picking this material up, but for your time, gas and other costs (not to mention back pains), hey, this would be much cheaper! I would expect this material to sell retail in a rock shop for about 35 cents per gram, but hey, this e-bay and you won't pay nearly that much for it!


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More About the Sunstone Offered Here:
This material comes from the area around Plush, Oregon. Sunstones are a labradorite feldspar that formed as a phenocryst in cooling lavas. Although sunstone also comes in red and green colors as well as a reflective red color, these stones are straw yellow in color.  Although there are some larger 5 to 10 CT. pieces included in the lot, many of the stones are about one to two carats in size. Cut the larger stuff yourself and send the smaller stones to be cut as melee facet and smaller sized cabs in the orient! If you have more questions, please contact us at the email address below.
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