Origins, Evolution, and Faith

These are subjects which, for many people, makes their blood boil. Both sides keep "think tank" experts busy promoting their agendas - in schools,  before various state legislatures and with national teachers associations. Most believe that real science is a search for the truth and not the extension of a particular philosophy of naturalism. In order to consider the facts, let us consider what the reality of the origins of Matter, Life and Species.  Please join me for an exploration of some of the issues.

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My daughter Becky checks out a fossilized Mammoth skeleton in the local Museum.


First, lets define our arena. There are far too many issues associated with this subject for me to cover them all in just a few web pages - a good number will be needed. It is my hope to present some of my own views, together with some information that may not be often considered as a part of this subject. I want to emphasize what actually did happen, not what might have or should have happened. This debate is already too full of "scientific" theologians unwilling to consider any interpretation of the Bible other than their own and "scientific" philosophers who consider any discussion of "God" or "creation" as destructive to the holy "Altar Of Science". Now that I have offended both sides, I want to ask for your patience to hear me out, to assure you that I have wrestled often with this issue, and that I have been (and remain) open to all options in an ongoing quest to learn more about the topic of origins.

In spite of my comments above, I really have no desire to offend anyone - I believe that although we may strongly hold our opinions, its important to be respectful of those with whom we disagree. So to make this a more manageable discussion, I want to focus for now on a few main areas. The first of these is the origin of Life. My research on this topic is presented in eight parts:


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In Michelangelo's famous painting, man reaches out to God, almost participating in his own creation - not very accurate from a Biblical or scientific point of view. Still, its a beautiful piece of artwork..........


THE ORIGINS OF LIFE: Research in an 8 part series

Part 1:  Life - The Cosmic Imperative?
Part 2:  Stanley Miller and the Molecules to Man Theory
Part 3:  Fossil Data and the Origins of Life
Part 4:
 The RNA World Theory
Part 5:  The  Staggering Complexity of Life's Simplest Forms
Part 6:  Stuart Kauffman and Life Origin Models
Part 7:  Other Problems In The Current Origin Theories
Part 8:  Conclusions About the Origins of Life


Young Earth Science:

No consideration of this topic can be complete and ignore this aspect of the issue. However, to be honest, I must say that after a full and careful consideration of the matter, I have concluded that the earth is indeed very old.  For my "young earth" friends who want some further comments on this, please click here.

Who Is This Guy, Anyway?

Some may ask who I am to be making these statements, and what are my qualifications. Others may ask why I am writing this. If you really need to know, click here.

Click on the links above to follow them to my papers on this  topic. While the topic series above is first, I am working on the four additional topics listed below. I found that this project took so much time to write, I just didn't want to delay the web page for months while I work on the other topics - so "Origins of Life" is the first of a series. These papers are born of considerable personal soul searching and research, of my efforts to answer my own internal questions and desire to learn the truth these subjects. I have tried to balance the technical aspects with a desire to make the information easily digestible - hopefully I have succeeded.

In the future, I will be adding the four additional sections addressing the topics:

1)EVOLUTION IN THE FOSSIL RECORD - AN HONEST REVIEW, including a full consideration of the processes and timing of the great radiations in respect to the origin of species diversity;

2) THE BIG BANG AND COSMOLOGIC ORIGINS, what does the simultaneous origin of all space, time,  matter and energy tell us about the universe;

3) CREATION AND A RATIONAL FAITH; is it possible to believe in creation by a rational God or is it necessary to make an "upper story" leap of faith?

I do solicit your comments - part of why I am doing this is to have an opportunity to discuss the matter with others. Please be polite - but I would like to hear your thoughts. Contact me at: 


4) DOES GOD EXIST?; Does a rational, forceful, loving and just God exist or is it possible to come to any real conclusions on this subject?

Because writing each of these is a major project, I am going to start with the Origins of Life subject above.  Come back in the coming months and the Fossil Record review will probably be up and running - that's my next project.

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