Detecting with the MXT at Campgrounds

Site No. 1:   Rye Patch Dam Campground

This site is included because it is an unusual hunting site, and may offer unexpected opportunities.  There were a number of spots that were pretty good. Many of these sites have a self- pay system, and the area around the pay station was pretty good, as folks drop coins in the grass getting out money to pay.   Around the campfire and in the grass along the parking slots was also good. There were no old coins here, the site is too new even to have silver coinage.
The soil conditions will vary much depending on location. These are not heavily hunted sites, in general. In most respects, they are very much like hunting a trashy park. A cool soda or beer sounds great while sitting in your camp spot, so you will finds lots of pull tabs  here.  I also found bits of melted metal which appeared to be aluminum.  I think these are parts of melted aluminum cans which are sometimes pitched into the campfire.  The MXT saw most of them as cents. So my preferred setting on the MXT is to use the relic mode, trigger forward with a discrimination setting  of 5. Yes, with the disc. that high, I am giving up gold and nickels, but the amount of trash present was very high. The DD coils are preferred because of their ability to sort through the trash.  I had set the gain only at about 9, but in older campgrounds, where old coins could be found deep, you will want to up the gain to find those deep coins.  

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