The MXT FAQ and Operation pointers:

The MXT is a great detector, but it is a little different than than your average coin and jewelry unit. As a result, it generates a few more than the average number of questions from new users. The responses I am presenting in this document are based on comments and pointers I have written up for people based on my experiences with White's MXT metal detector. I originally wrote a lot of these as responses to various posts on different detecting forums, but I saved my texts and put them all together as a single document. That’s how they became the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for the MXT. The advantage of this material is that, coming from a variety of internet forums, they are all answers to questions folks commonly had after purchasing their MXT. The original questions ranged from the most basic "I’m new to detecting, how do I learn to use this MXT?" To more advanced questions like "Why is my MXT so much more noisy than my XLT (or other detector)?" The questions in the document are shortened and summarized from the original posts to get to the point. I certainly don’t have all the answers, but here are a couple things I have noticed from my time practicing with the MXT that I think would be helpful to the new operator and these points do answer the majority of common questions people often have. The original document with all the FAQ questions on one page which I had hosted on the web was exceedingly long, so to make it easier, I have broken it down into four parts. It still has all the questions and answers, just broken down into sections for easier viewing.


1) I just got my new MXT. I am wondering what should I do first?

2) I am ready to take my MXT out into the field. Any suggestions on how I should practice with it?

3) Does the meter really help much in deciding whether to dig a target or not?

4) How does adjusting the discrimination setting affect the meter readings on the MXT?

5) The target ID on my MXT seems so much more jumpy than other detectors I've used. Why?

6) I'm having problems with my MXT in trashy areas. What can I do?

7) How do various kinds of targets sound in the VCO pinpointing mode?



8) How accurate is the depth reading in the VCO pinpoint mode?

9) I am having problems in the VCO pinpoint mode. Any tips for a better technique?

10) Can my MXT tell the difference between coins or gold rings and pull tabs or other trash?

11) My MXT is noisy in wet sand on saltwater beaches. How can I improve its performance?

12) What happens if I turn the gain down below the recommended preset level?

13) I took my MXT out and it was acting strangely. I noticed one of the switches had been bumped.

14) I was testing a target and it just disappeared. A few seconds later it was back. What gives?

15) How can I tell what the mineralization level of my ground is? What does it mean?

16) My MXT wont get as much depth as others claim for it. Why?

17) Sometimes I find "ghost" targets that disappear when I dig them. Why?

18) My MXT seems a lot noisier than other detectors I have owned. Why is this?

19) What is the best operating mode to choose when using the MXT?

20) I've found loads of modern coins, what do I need to do to find older coinage like silver or wheat cents?



21) What should the gain setting be when detecting for gold?

22) What does the iron probability reading in prospecting mode really mean?

23) What does the VDI reading in prospecting mode really mean?

24) What is the best coil sweep speed for coins and what is the right speed when hunting gold?

25) Can the VCO pinpoint mode be used to pinpoint gold nuggets?

26) Can the Relic mode be used to hunt gold nuggets?

27) What about rechargeable batteries?

28) I was running my MXT and the screen suddenly went completely blank. What should I do?

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