Site Specific Hunting Experiences With the MXT


Site Specific Hunting Experiences with the MXT Detector: The MXT journal

This is  my site specific journal covering of some of my experiences operating the MXT detector at various types of settings. For each type of location, there is a discussion of what to expect, sort of like a field test journal for the MXT at each type of site. The sites include metal detecting for all the major kinds of targets, Gold nuggets, Coins and Jewelry, plus Relics and treasure. There are hints on using your MXT metal detector to get the best results, including what I've done, and techniques I've used. There is always more than one way to do metal detecting, and field conditions vary around the USA (not to mention around the world), so not all of your experiences will be the exactly same as mine, but hopefully you will get some usable ideas from reading these reports.

Coin and Jewelry Hunting



Sports fields

Old Home sites and Various demos

Salt and Freshwater Beaches


Astron_w_spectrm.jpg (37322 bytes)


Ghost Town Relics

The Photo above is from my very special trip to Tranquility Base to look for relics left behind by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. I can't tell you much about it (top secret ya know), but it was pretty much of a bust, I didn't even find any clad.  Below, a fine Gold Quartz specimen from the California mother lode country.

Prospecting For Gold

Old Hard Rock Gold Mines

Hydraulic placer mines

Desert Placers

For More info on using a metal detector in prospecting for gold, Take a look at my:
Prospecting for Gold website



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