Detecting with the MXT at Old Home Sites

Site No. 1:   House Demo

This site is only about close to my office, so I noticed this demo going on. I came by one saturday to see what I could find. The house that was there had been built in the late 1920's so I figured I'd get some good wheat cents and maybe some silver. Oh well, I think someone cleaned this site pretty good in the 1980s so all I got was clad.   It only took about 2 hours to cover all of the little yard.  I collected about $2 bucks, and not even single wheat cent. This was an old house, but ther key thing here is that you need to be there first to get the silver and other old coins
The soil here is underlain with river gravel, the soil  is about 3-4 inches deep, with pretty much a solid layer of pebbles and rocks below that.  As far as trash, there was some, but it was not excessive. My prefered setting on the MXT here was to use the coin/jewelry mode, with discrimination setting  at just under 4. The standard 950 coil was used because of its ability to get deep coins.



Site No. 2:   Local Burger King Demo

This site is included because its an unusual demo site. A Burger King restaurant decided to move across the street to get more space - they were cramped where they were. The site proved to be a better than average site, but nothing was old as the BK was built in the 1970s. People drop more change than you might think going in and out of these types of restaurants.
The soil seems deeper here, mostly because much of the limited grass here was covered over with an additional layer of sod. So some coins are near the surface, the ones under the new sod are about 3-4 inches deep.  There was not too much trash, so my prefered setting on the was MXT to use the coin/jewelry mode, with a discrimination setting  between 3 and  4. The 950 Concentric was preferred over the DD coils because of its depth and area coverage. Although some of the coins are down a bit  here, I have only set the gain at about 9. This lower setting also helps to balance out the goal of not having too much noise.  The best places were either near the door, or places where people could sit on the grass and eat their burgers.



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