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Frequently Asked Gemstone Questions


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4. What About Investing in Gemstones?

Is It Possible To Make Money Investing In Gemstones?
There is no denying that some folks have made good money investing in gemstones. Gems are rare and nature is not creating them nearly as fast as mankind is mining them. More and more people are coming to appreciate their value which only increases demand and prices. Gemstones are a rare commodity and hard to predict factors can greatly affect their price. They are a great concentration of wealth as only a few ounces of valuable stones, that would fit easily in a person's pocket, could easily be valued at over a million dollars. A similar value in gold or paper money would be difficult to carry from bulk and heavy weight, and nearly impossible to conceal.

The purchase of high quality natural stones is different than the purchase of a stereo, computer or a pair of shoes - consumables that quickly loose their value. Fine natural gemstones, lovingly maintained, retain their value over the years. One should remember this when considering the relative cost of a fine gemstone. It is not really a part of the scope of this web site to evaluate and recommend specific gems for investment purposes, but thousands of wealthy individuals include as a part the diversification of their portfolio a core holding of valuable gems. Like stocks, the investor wants to buy low and sell high. Some of the gems at this site may well be suitable for your investment portfolio, but that's a call you will have to evaluate and make for yourself.  I am not an investment counselor and I certainly do not make those kinds of recommendations.


What should I do to become more knowledgeable about gemstones?
Read what you can on the Internet and buy some books on gemstones. The gemstone information encyclopedia that I have provided right here is a great place to start! You might even consider taking a correspondence course from someone like a Gemstone Institute of America (GIA). The more you know, the better off you will be as a gemstone and jewelry buyer.
How Can I Get a True Wholesale Price When Purchasing My Gemstones?
To get true wholesale prices, you will need to be making larger quantity purchases, or buying from sellers who are distressed at estate auctions and other similar venues. The key here is two things: 1) Know your gemstones (and what the correct prices should be); and 2) Know your gemstone seller. The knowledgeable buyer is aware of typical prices asked for various gems and result is far better off evaluating what is a genuine bargain and what is not. The buyer will need to be able to recognize both flaws and high quality in the gemstone. A knowledgeable buyer is a confident and successful buyer. We specialize in offering true wholesale prices to the public, prices that are genuinely hard to beat. We also offer quality products that are beautiful and enjoyable to wear.



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