A Virtual Tour of Our Nevada Turquoise Mines

http://nevada-outback-gems.com/mine_tour_turq/Turq_nev_2.gif (8683 bytes) Our turquoise mines are located in the remote "Outback" part of the state, far from the glamour, glitz and gambling many folks think of when they hear about Nevada. There are no hotels, no fine restaurants, nor any other facilities - only miles of mountains and valleys cloaked in sagebrush. There not even any sources for drinking water at many of these distant locations, but the internet allows you to sit back and take a tour of these rough and rural parts of the state without ever leaving the comfort of your home or office. We don't offer on site tours because of safety concerns (and federal laws) so the internet is really the only way to see these properties. So settle in and get ready to see some parts of Nevada that few people ever have the chance to view. We'll look at the history, geology and the fine turquoise each mine produces. As with most turquoise properties, our mines produce a wide range of turquoise colors and qualities - so the example photos below give a good idea, but don't tell the whole story (if you have a dialup connection it may take a while to see all the photos). We have three different mines, and you can take a full look at each one. So come and take a virtual tour and find out more about.....
McGuinness Gem
(Located in the Austin Mining District, Lander County)
Bunker Hill
(Located in the Royston District, Esmeralda County)

Indian Mountain - Page partly complete (Working on it)
(Located in South of Cortez, Lander County)
Turq_nev_6b.gif (4644 bytes) A free report in PDF format on the turquoise deposits of Nevada can be downloaded from the State of Nevada at this web site: TURQUOISE DEPOSITS OF NEVADA - Nevada Bureau of Mines Report 17.

This report is a little dated as the author wrote it in the late 1950s, so it does not include any of the newer deposits discovered since that time or the work done mining turquoise, but it has a considerable amount of good information (and since its free, the price is right!). For More up to date information on the mines themselves, also see our
Nevada Mines Webpage
Wind Mountain Gold Mine
In addition to turquoise, I have some gold and Silver mining claims as well. The Wind Claims are located on the edge of the San Emidio desert in Northern Washoe County about 100 miles north of Reno. Take a look here to see about this gold property located next to a historically productive open pit gold and silver mine.



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