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I am getting to have a large number of pages here on my website, so to make navigation easier, I thought I'd put together this site map page. I hope this will assist you in finding all the volumes of information that reside at this site (and find all our fine products as well). To make it easier, I've grouped all the pages of information and articles into various topic subject categories. I want to provide a great experience, with fine gemstone products, loads of information, and a fun site to explore and use. Thanks for visiting and welcome!

Turquoise Jewelry:
      Fine Natural Turquoise Rings
      Fine Natural Turquoise Pendants
      Fine Natural Turquoise Earrings
      Fine Natural Turquoise Bracelets
Turquoise Information Pages
      History of turquoise
      Turquoise: coming back into fashion
      High cost of natural turquoise
      Formation of turquoise
      Treatments and types of turquoise
      Worldwide sources of turquoise
      Turquoise Jewelry Care
      Collecting turquoise jewelry
      Turquoise Mineral Facts
      About Nevada turquoise
      Turquoise Mines of Nevada
Chris' Prospecting for gold and gemstones:
      The Fun of Prospecting
      Dredging in California - 2003
      Prospecting the Nevada Desert
      A Quick Trip to Royston, Nevada
      Sierra City Prospecting - 2005
      Alaskan Prospecting Adventures
      Hunting old Hydraulic mines
      Gold Quartz Jewelry
      Breaking the Bum Luck Streak
      Rich Gold Ores at Plumas Eureka
      Gold Nugget and Specimen Photos
      Story of Chris the Prospector

      The Home Made Sluice Box
Turquoise Cabochons Menu Page
      Natural Royston (Bunker Hill) cabs
      Natural McGuinness cabs
      Natural Northern Lights cabs
      Natural Lander area cabs
      Natural Candelaria (Potosi) cabs
Gemstone Jewelry (All)
      Tanzanite jewelry
      Tourmaline jewelry
      Cats eye opal jewelry
      Sapphire jewelry
      Orange and red garnet jewelry
      Tsavorite jewelry
      Spinel jewelry
      Peridot jewelry
      Zircon jewelry
      Amethyst jewelry
      Emerald jewelry
      Oregon Sunstone jewelry
Gemstone Encyclopedia Page
      Amethyst, Ametrine and Citrine
      Aquamarine and Beryl
            Morro Redondo Tourmaline
Using the MXT metal detector by Whites
      About the MXT
      MXT Operations
      Forum Links
      Available accessories for the MXT
      MXT Pros and Cons
      The MXT FAQ
      Contact the author
      Site Specific Hunting Journal
           Detecting Parks
           Detecting Schools
           Detecting Sportsfields
           Detecting Home sites / demolitions
           Detecting Beaches
           Detecting Campgrounds
           Detecting Ghost Towns
           Detecting Hard Rock Mines
           Detecting hydraulic Placer gold mines
           Detecting Desert Placer gold mines
Bookstore and Library Page
    Books on Gems and Gemstones
    Books on Turquoise and Indian Jewelry
    Books on Gemstones from America
    Books on Rockhounding
    Books on Gems and Making Jewelry
    Books on Prospecting for gold
    Books on Minerals and geology
Purchase and background Information
    Contact Us We want to help
    About Us
    Terms of Purchase

    Site News Page
Buying safe on EBay
     Part 1- 10 Common Scams
     Part 2 - What you can do to protect yourself
     Part 3 - What to do if you are a victim
Prospecting Research and Information:
      Prospecting for gold at Rye Patch, Nevada
      Prospecting for gold in Northern Nevada
      Prospecting for gold in Northern California

      Nevada's Micron (Microscopic) Gold Deposits
Crystals and Rough Menu Page
     Turquoise Rough
     Tanzanite Crystals
     Tourmaline Crystals
     Zircon Crystals
     Spinel Crystals
     Diamond Crystals
     Garnet Specimens
     Tanzanite Rough
     Tourmaline Rough
     Oregon Sunstone Rough
Mark Twain's Prospecting Adventures
      Tenderfoot Sam the Prospector
      Twain catches "Silver Mine Fever"
      Gold and Silver Bullion Beyond Belief
      Mines Not worth their "salt"
      Staking a Rich Mining Claims
      Nevada Nabobs - Victims of Sudden Wealth
      Pocket Mining for Gold in California's Mother Lode
      Working Down in the Silver Mill
      The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras Co.
Virtual Tour of our Mines
     Bunker Hill at Royston
     McGuinness near Austin
     Indian Mountain in Lander Co.

     Wind Mountain Gold Mine Claims
Gem cutting
    Facet cutting a gemstone
Loose gemstones
Investing in Gold and Silver Mines
         The Case for Investing In Gold

         Gold Investment Vehicles
         Investing in Gold and Silver Mining Companys
         Chris Gold and Stock Market Investment BLOG
Planning and Designing your Own Homemade Gold dredge The Rockhound's Corner      
Nevada Black Opal of Virgin Valley
         Nevada Opal Deposits in the rest of the State
         Digging for Sunstones at Plush, Oregon
         Turquoise Mining at the Godber Mine
         Austin Nevada, Rockhounds Haven
Basic Information on Placer Mining      
         Gold Panning Instructions Page

         Using a Sluice box to Find Gold
         An Introduction to Placer Mining
         Suction Dredging For Gold Nuggets
         How to Dry Wash For Desert Gold
         Metal Detecting For Big Gold
         Digging and Sniping for Gold With Hand Tools
         Geology Of Gold Deposits, Placer and Hard Rock
         Commercial Gold Mining Equipment
Is there Such thing as Dirty Gold?
Origins, Evolution and Faith Page
Family Coin Collecting
Design and Build It Yourself Mining Equipment The Miner's Information Reference Pages
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