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Frequently Asked Gemstone Questions


9. What About Gemstone Healing and Gem Therapy?

Can Certain Types Of Gemstones Heal Illness and Make You Stronger?

People have long cherished gems and gemstones and have ascribed to them certain properties that are hard to define in terms of normal science. The crystalline properties of gemstones were fascinating to the ancient peoples who possessed them, and sometimes seemed to contain some strange form of energy. Shamans and other mystics of old commonly used them in their rites. Some modern folks are still interested in them for virtually the same reasons.

Now I will be honest and state plainly that I am very skeptical of claims of crystal healing and other mystical properties of gems. No question gems are beautiful, but my personal opinion is that any crystal healing or therapeutic effects are caused by a situation similar to what is known in modern medicine as the “placebo” effect.

However there are thousands of folks who believe in gemstone healing and therapy, and who am I to tell them no? Gem therapy comes in a whole variety of types, from therapies which involve merely wearing the stone mounted in jewelry, to those which require crushing up a stone and consuming it internally as a powder. In my book, there is no question that wearing the stone is a whole lot easier!

Certain stones are reported by certain individuals to offer various healing and other helpful properties, but there is not always a clear, exact consensus on which stones offer what types of healing properties. The effects of each stone seem to vary with the individual. Many of those who recommend gem therapy suggest that the individual should try what appeals to them, wear it for a while and see what effects the stone has on you personally. As a result, interpretation of the potential effects of any particular gem stone is often completely subjective.



Most gem therapy practitioners state the stones should be of high quality – the higher quality the better.  It is also recommended that the stone be natural and not dyed or otherwise treated. The shape of the finished stone, be it angular or round is also said to have an effect on the wearer – round is the normally preferred shape. On the other hand, many “crystal therapists” recommend wearing the gem crystal in its natural crystalline form, just as it comes from the earth. These folks feel there is more raw “energy” in the natural crystal shape.

There is no question that owning a fine gem is nice. Many folks who collect fine jewelry and gems will certainly agree. How any gem might interact with your personal “aura” is up to you to determine for yourself. The more you know about various types of gemstones and what forms of them are available, the more options you have to choose from.

Are you interested in giving it a try? Well buy some thing nice that you like and would really enjoy even if it does absolutely nothing magical for you. Then wear it for a while and see what happens. It couldn’t hurt! Even if it does nothing, you’ll still enjoy owning a fine gemstone.

The information about gemstone therapy on this website is for entertainment and educational purposes only. It should not be considered as a substitute for standard medical treatments. It is important to consult with a licensed healthcare professional for any illness and before changing or altering any conventional medical treatments.



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