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11. What About Birthstones And Birthday Gemstones?

What Are They, And How Are Birthday Gemstones Chosen?

Designated birth gemstones or “bithstones” have been important since ancient times, when they were believed to possess some magical force that could protect or assist the owner or wearer of the stone. Originally, birthstones were linked to the birth signs of the Zodiac, but in modern times, birthstones are designated to specific months of the year and each calendar month has its own unique birthstone. Birthstones were used in the early days to ward off evil and bring good luck upon one’s self. The possession of birthstones can be a very personal thing, and in many ways, each person determines their own meaning for their special birthstone.

Birthstones are not always the same for all countries and cultures. The traditional birthstones are of an older designation, but they are sometimes combined with the modern birthstone list. The older stones reflect societal birthstone traditions, heralding back to the 15th century Europe. Many jewelers have differing lists of these traditional birthstones. The mystical birthstones of Tibetan origin hail from a list over one thousand years old. The modern birthstone list was adopted as the official birthstone list by the American National Association of Jewelers, Jewelers of America. These gemstones were designated and officially adopted in 1912. In the USA, this is the accepted list.

The twelve months of the years represent twelve different gemstones, each having certain unique and exceptional qualities of their own. Since birthstones are symbolic of your personality and your attributes, they are also a fun way to share something about yourself. Listed below are the months of the year and the gemstone or birthstone for your month.

Birthstones can be set in a variety of jewelry types and in a range of different precious metals. A gift of birthstone jewelry shows you care and know the correct stone for that special person in your life. So birthstones work whether you are seeking blue sapphires set in white gold earrings for your wife's birthday in September, or you're keen to find a fine turquoise and silver necklace for your mother's 60th birthday next December, you'll definitely be able to find some nice birthstone jewelry to fit your budget and treat your special someone's personal tastes.



Many types of birthstone jewelry are widely available, such as birthstone rings, a birthstone pendant and birthstone earrings. Giving a birthstone to someone special as a gift means giving so much more than just a piece of jewelry. The ancient meanings associated with each of these birthstones make them extra-special, giving them a quality that is impossible to achieve with any other gem.

January: Garnet
The birthstone for January is the garnet, which because of its red color, was once thought to be connected with the blood. This stone is supposed to protect the wearer from nightmares and offer guidance through the dark. Although the most frequently found garnets are deep, warm red, they are also found in several hues like green, intense yellow, fiery orange and earth tones.

February: Amethyst
The designated birthstone for those born in February is amethyst, a stone which comes in varying shades of purple, and can range from a deep violet purple to a pale lilac in color. The folklore attached to this gem associates it with sobriety, tranquility, inspiration of the intellect, as well as protection and peace.

March: Aquamarine
This month's birthstone is the aquamarine, a stone possessing a fine light blue to blue-green color. It has been linked to the making of new friends as well as affection and love, hope and health. This stone was once also thought to provide protection those traveling at sea.

April: Diamond
Diamond is the birthstone for those born in April. Throughout history the diamond has been revered as having an irresistibly seductive power of its own because of its extreme hardness. Popular for its enduring nature, diamonds are the birthstone for this month, and these stones are linked to love, eternity and strength. The diamond is seen as a true symbol of love and commitment and buying and owning a perfect diamond is thus of crucial importance. This has contributed towards diamonds being the most popular gems of all time when it comes to romance, such as engagement rings and wedding bands.

May: Emerald
This month's designated birthstone is the beautiful green emerald. This gemstone has been a prized possession of royalty since ancient times and a good quality emerald can be as or even more expensive than a fine diamond of the same carat. It was linked to health and the curing of ailments, as well as being associated with the ability to see into the future, giving them an almost bewitching, magical reputation. These fiery green gems are amazing to look at, and can be found in a variety of shapes and cuts. The beauty and richness of this stone makes it the perfect gem for birthstone jewelry.




June: Pearls
The luminous pearl is the assigned birthstone for those born in the month of June. Pearls are known as organic gems because they are created by living creatures. This round, stunning birthstone comes in a variety of colors, and a range of sizes. The pearl has been used to make jewelry since ancient times and considered to be a symbol of beauty, love, happiness and wealth. and this gem has been linked with chastity and modesty, making it something of an angelic, pure birthstone. They are also linked to successful and happy marriages.

July: Ruby
The birthstone of July is the ravishing red ruby, a stone traditionally linked with protection and harmony. This birthstone has been mined since ancient times, and boasts a spectacular beauty. Ruby with its beautiful red color is a universal favorite signifying love, passion, blood and romance. It is believed to have great medicinal powers, protective powers and is said to bring peace and prosperity.

August – Peridot
The birthstone for August is peridot, a bright lime green gemstone was called the evening emerald in the ancient times because it resembled emeralds in the light of the burning lamps. It was commonly linked with protection against evil and night terrors, as well as a gem that enhanced the properties of healing drugs. This birthstone is said to give off its own unique energy, and is strong and durable.

September – Sapphires
The designated birthstone for those born in September is sapphire. Although most folks only associate the blue color with sapphires, they exist in a rainbow of colors except red. It is of the hardest minerals, sapphires are durable gemstones that have been in demand since the ancient times. The sapphire has been linked with faith and purity, as well as foresight. It was thought that the stronger the sparkle of the gem, the more faithful and honest the wearer.

October – Opal
The given birthstone for October is the opal. This is a stone that has been linked to purity, hope and innocence. Opal has also been linked to healing forces, as well as friendship and emotion, so it has experienced its fair share of folklore over the years. The opals most commonly used in making jewelry have a milky-white base with varying flashed of color. Good quality opals exhibit rainbow like colors when viewed from different angles.

November – Topaz
Topaz is the birthstone for the month of November. Topaz has been linked with sanity, healing, and life, as well as being connected to strength by the ancient Greeks. This stone has even been linked to an ability to make the wearer invisible in dangerous situations. The color in which topaz is most commonly found is yellow, However, it also comes in a spectrum of colors ranging from yellow, brown, honey, flax, green, blue, light blue, red pink and even colorless.

December –Turquoise
The assigned birthstone for the month of December is turquoise. It has been linked to happiness, fortune and luck, making it a very popular gem in centuries gone by. Turquoise has been a part of Native American tradition for thousands of years. Turquoise can range in color from mid-blue to a green-blue or light green color, making it a very distinctive and unusual addition to any jewelry collection. Blue Zircon is also sometimes designated as a December birthstone.



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