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Frequently Asked Gemstone Questions


13. What Are Some Books Where I Can Learn About Gemstones?

What Books Are Available to Learn About Gemstones?

On my website, I have tried to collect together a lot of great information which will answer the most common questions, and really educate the public on gems and minerals. While this website represents a great resource, and it is my intent to continue to grow this web based information database, there are some great books out there that present some great opportunities to learn more about gemstones.

There is so much to learn on this fascinating topic if you really want to dig in and search. You can get into gemstones and study their mineralogy, geologic origins, internal crystallography, stone identification and so many other related topics. In addition, the articles I have presented in the gemstone encyclopedia, both in the gemstone pages and in the FAQ section, only touch the main points, and there is much to learn on those topics as well. For the true seekers, there is much more to learn for those who seek knowledge and wisdom.

I have carefully put together a whole set of recommended books on gem and jewelry related topics. The page actually has the links to purchase the books directly from Amazon. If you would like to see my recommendations, please check out the links listed below:




My recommended books on Gems and Gemstones:


My recommended books on Gemstones Mined in the USA:


My recommended books on Lapidary and jewelry Making:


My recommended books on Minerals and Geology:





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