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high quality genuine gems and jewelry at true Wholesale prices - thats Nevada Outback Gems.

Nevada Outback Gems is your internet source of quality gemstones and jewelry at genuine wholesale prices. Give Nevada Outback Gems a try for your next gemstone or jewelry purchase. We have the gems you want at prices you can afford. We offer a guarantee of satisfaction that you can count on. Let us be your gem and jewelry source.  We own 3 turquoise mines here in Nevada, so we mine our own material with that beautiful gemstone. Come and check out our special Nevada Outback Turquoise Jewelry - We also have loose turquoise cabochons available. Check it all out: Nevada Outback Turquoise Cabochons
Nevada Outback Gems Product lines:
Our Flagship product is Nevada Outback Turquoise, but we have large quantities of Tanzanite and Pink Tourmaline, and many others.
Sunstone gem stones
Finished Gemstones:

Chrysoberyl, Including Catseye
Orange Grossular Garnet:
Heliodor (Golden Beryl)
Opal, including rare Catseye opal
Rhodolite Garnet



Sapphire - All Colors
Spinel - All Colors
Oregon Sunstone
Pink Tourmaline, also Blue and Green
Nevada Turquoise
Tsavorite Green Garnet
Zircon - Red, Orange, Blue and Green

tanzanite round earrrings
Finished Jewelry:

Rings, earrings and pendants in Tanzanite and Pink Tourmaline, and in many other gems as well. If you don't see what you are looking for in our auctions, or on the web pages, feel free to ask about that special item you are wanting.
tanzanite rough gems Rough Gems:
The following are the gemstones we currently have available in rough:

Rough Brazilian Pink Tourmaline;  Rough Tanzanite;
Rough Oregon Sunstone;
Rough Nevada Turquoise;
Rough Diamonds

tourmaline rough gem crystals

chris ralph So Who Is This Guy, Anyway?

Well, I'm Chris Ralph, and I've been involved in small scale gem sales for more than 20 years. For many years, I was cutting my own gems, then selling them to local jewelers, friends and relatives. The internet, especially ebay, has opened a whole new world of selling opportunities - as well as opportunities for me to meet new people, and make new friends. In the several years I have been selling on ebay, my business has greatly expanded, and I am now expanding into finished jewelry. My relaxing little hobby has blossomed into a busy part-time business, and most of my stones are cut overseas.

Chris - In the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Mammoth, California I spend a lot of my spare time searching for gem materials at bargain prices, that I can bring to you at shockingly low prices. When it comes to turquoise, we mine our own right here in Nevada.
catseye opal gems
Rare Catseye opal - Mined at a little deposit in Tanzania, Africa. We have more of these than just about anyone.
I've come up with a lot of great stuff, some really beautiful genuine tanzanite, deep pink tourmaline, and bright orange Garnets. I also sell some Sunstone feldspar that I mined myself near Plush Oregon. Aqua, Emerald, Amethyst - Even more great gems are coming soon!   I have many other items in my gemstone inventory, some of which do not get listed on ebay (or anywhere else). So feel free to ask me about other things, including special orders for finished jewelry.  By training I am a mining engineer, and although I am no longer involved in the Gold and Silver Mining industry in Nevada as I once was, I still like to get out into the hills, where I dig for turquoise on my claims. I also collect US coins and sometimes sell surplus coins over ebay to improve my collection. If you have US collector coins and want to trade for gems or jewelry, Contact me and we'll see what we can work out. Most importantly, I have a great family with two wonderful kids and a beautiful, understanding wife.

Look Here to take a virtual tour of our Turquoise Mines on the internet: Nevada Turquoise Mines

Emerald 14K gold heart pendant Thanks for your interest -

Chris Ralph

If you have any questions,  I can be reached at:

turquoise Nevada Find out More about Nevada Turquoise
For More Bargains, See the Nevada Outback Gems Home Page
tourmaline pairs

Pink Tourmaline

Half_ton_ag2.jpg (19334 bytes) Golden Beryl gems

Oregon Sunstone

Chris and more than a  ton of Nevada Silver - at the Couer Rochester Mine.
Click here to check out a gold mining adventure I went on in California.
Nevada turquoise gems

Nevada Outback Gems

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