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Here you will find information on projects I'm working on, new jewelry and gems from the Nevada Outback collection soon to be posted and other interesting stuff:

Welcome to our new Website (January 21, 2006):

I have been selling gems and minerals on ebay for years and always wanted to have my own site to offer more than I could through ebay. I had lots of ideas, and I've finally got it all together! As of today the site is being constructed, and lots of info will be added over the coming weeks. The site already has lots of info, but coming soon are virtual mine tours and fantastic deals on Finished jewelry, loose gem stones, gem crystals and rough. There are a lot of links to different things, so take some time and look around. I've spent a lot of time putting this together and I hope you will enjoy it and maybe you'll see something you would like to have. It may take awhile to get it all up and running, and I'll let you know about it here, so check the News Page from time to time, and keep an eye out to see what shows up!

--- Chris


Big New Changes To the Nevada Outback Gems Website (October 05, 2006):

Well, its been a lot longer than I expected, but big progress is being made. Expect big new changes real soon.  Rough and Crystals and Turquoise Jewelry are on line. Keep an eye out to see what shows up!

--- Chris

More Changes To the Nevada Outback Gems Website (November 28, 2006):

The Bookstore is now completely on line and functional. Take a look at the 125+ recommended selections arranged into 7 topic categories. One quick click on a link and you can buy the book from Amazon. Even more changes and additions are coming real soon.  More new jewelry will be posted in the next couple weeks - including loads of Turquoise and Tanzanite.

--- Chris

New additions Coming soon to Nevada Outback Gems (January 3, 2007):

More than 60 pieces of new turquoise jewelry will be posted in the next week or so, plus more than 20 pieces of Tanzanite - Also more than 150 turquoise cabochons. Also a new bit of my story is up an there on the prospecting page, and very soon a whole series of pages on the White's MXT metal detector (click on the link to see it under development), one of the two detectors I use in prospecting.

--- Chris

New Feature article at Nevada Outback Gems (February 1, 2007):

A new feature article on identifying and preventing scams, frauds and other crimes on eBay is being set up and posted on this website.  Encyclopedia of eBay Fraud, Scams and Crimes (click on the link to see it under development). I have also completely re-done my information pages on turquoise. Check here to see my Turquoise Information pages  In addition, I am also creating a new gold nugget and specimen page. you can click here for Gold Nuggets and Specimens.  More jewelry in opal, tsavorite, emerald, sapphire and Oregon Sunstone are coming soon, plus I will soon be adding an eBay store. Thanks for your support!

--- Chris

Upgrading To Chris' Prospecting Encyclopedia In Progress (May 14, 2007):

Lots of new stuff is coming to the Chris's Prospecting Adventures page - I am in the process of upgrading it to Chris' Prospecting Encyclopedia! This upgrade will add a number of new sections like "The Rock Hound's Corner and "The Prospector's Reference Pages". I want this site to be the very best source of prospecting information on the web, so a whole lot of exciting new info is coming. Here at the bottom of the page, I will be posting stuff I am developing on the Prospecting page as I get it up onto the internet over the next month or two. Keep an eye out here for those changes - the pages listed below are less than half of what is planned.

First, a Group of Pages on Investing in Gold, Silver and Other Precious Metals: INVESTING IN GOLD AND SILVER
Second, a Group of pages on: BASIC PLACER MINING
Third, a page on designing your own homemade dredge: PLANNING AND DESIGNING YOUR OWN HOMEMADE DREDGE
Fourth, a page about extremist Environmentalists: IS THERE SUCH THING AS "DIRTY GOLD"?
Fifth, a Group of Pages on Rockhounding for Gems and Minerals: THE ROCKHOUNDS CORNER

-- Chris

Upgrading To Chris' Prospecting Encyclopedia In Progress (May 22, 2007):

Lots of new stuff is coming to the Prospecting Adventures page, more process in upgrading it to Chris' Prospecting Encyclopedia!

A new Group of pages on building your own homemade Mining Equipment, Including Dredges, Sluices, Drywashers and even Metal Detectors!

-- Chris

New Section: Make your Own Jewelry Page (Nov 25, 2007):

Lots of new stuff is coming to the Nevada Outback website, We've made some significant upgrades it to The Gemstone Encyclopedia! See The new and improved version at: GEMSTONE ENCYCLOPEDIA

Also, a new group of pages on Making your own homemade Jewelry, Lost Wax Casting, Beading, stone setting and even Precious Metal clays (PMC)! Check it out at:  Make Your Own Gemstone Jewelry

-- Chris

I've added a few groups of new pages on various topics, check them out at: 

California Gold Rush Tales
Mineral Collecting and Photos
Universal Conspiracy Theory


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