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We offer the finest in gem quality loose turquoise cabochons cut in a variety of styles. All of the turquoise offered here is completely natural, high quality, un-backed, gem turquoise that does not need treatment. It has not been dyed or altered in any way except by cutting and polishing. This is the very best grade of turquoise that is currently available on the market. We own our own Nevada turquoise mines and as a result we are able to offer our turquoise at a lower price than you could find it anywhere else. Blues and greens, spider web or clear, we have a little bit of just about all the kinds of turquoise Nevada has to offer. Most of the turquoise here is from one of our three mines, but we also have additional gems from other Nevada turquoise mines which we are offering for sale. Good quality natural turquoise is scare, and this website is here to meet the needs of the discriminating turquoise collector and jewelry artist. We hope you will find that special stone for you next project. So check out our beautiful turquoise cabochons, buy direct from the mine owner and get the very best at a super bargain price.

Click here to see Natural Gem Turquoise From our McGuinness Mine:

This is one of our turquoise mines, located near Austin in Lander County, Nevada.

R46.jpg (19824 bytes) Click here to see the Natural Gem Turquoise From our Bunker Hill (Royston) Mine:

This is another  of our turquoise mines, located near Tonopah in Esmerelda County, Nevada.

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Click here to see Natural   Gem Turquoise From The Northern Lights Mine:

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Click here to see our Natural Gem Turquoise From The Lander area:

Click here to see our Natural Gem Turquoise From The Candelaria area:

Like so many of you, we appreciate the beauty of fine natural turquoise. We started mining Nevada turquoise way back in the early 1980s, at a time when most folks were leaving the market, but we dug in and have never looked back. Interest in turquoise may have been at a low point then, but my, things have changed! We continue to periodically journey out to the wilds of central Nevada in order to work our turquoise mines, producing material for you. Because we own our own Nevada turquoise mines, no one can offer a stronger guarantee of natural authenticity, since we have owned our turquoise from the time it left the ground. We hope you enjoy viewing our offerings here. Please do bookmark our site as we will be adding more cabochons to this page from time to time, including some from our mine at Indian Mountain (an addition we hope to have installed soon). So check out this page again in the near future. If you are interested in seeing our line of turquoise jewelry items please take a look here: TURQUOISE JEWELRY
If you have an interest in finding more about the world of turquoise, we have prepared some pages that tell all about the history, mining and production of turquoise jewelry. You can find all that information and more, here at: TURQUOISE: THE BEAUTIFUL GEM

We also have a world of interesting reference books on turquoise in our bookstore which can be found here Nevada Outback Bookstore

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