Amethyst - Deep Purple to Lavender

A Better Way To Buy Loose Gemstones

Looking true quality at a low price? Think most gems are just too expensive? Want more for your money? You've come to the right place. We are Nevada Outback Gems and we search the globe to bring you the finest gemstones at the lowest prices possible. This extensive selection  represents our finest and largest gems. From the old-time favorites to the most unusual, we have it all. No order is too large or too small - we meet the needs of all our buyers from commercial jewelers to craft hobbyists. We offer you the opportunity for a genuine bargain in the world of gems.  Gemstones take a big jump in price every time they change hands - that's where a bunch of the big price increases come in. The internet is an opportunity to bypass those middle men -and save some money in the process. We buy or mine our own rough gems, have them cut and bring them direct to you at a price that just can't be equaled anywhere else. Nevada Outback mines turquoise from our own mines, and we search for bargains in other gems to bring to you.
Pick a type of gem you are interested in. Select that page and view the accurate photos of the gems we offering. You will see that the prices just can't be beat, even on those TV shopping channels.

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We Didn't Just Start up Yesterday

Lots of people want to get into the gemstone market these days. Dozens of TV shopping channels have jumped into the gemstone business to make a fast buck. Internet gem sale sites, based in Thailand and other far eastern locations have popped up to sell gemstones at prices that seem just too good to be true (because they are). Are you uncomfortable dealing with some faceless internet company based in Thailand? Don't want to pay $15 in shipping fees for a $10 item? All our inventory is located right here in the US, in the state of Nevada, so our shipping costs are very reasonable.
Unlike some of those other Far Eastern internet based start ups, we're not here today and gone tomorrow. We've been here a long time and will be here in the future. We want to be your partner in the exciting world of gemstones.

Gemmology:  Learn About The Gems We Offer

We want our customers to be knowledgeable about the gemstones we sell, so we have our own GEMSTONE ENCYCLOPEDIA. One of the things that makes folks hesitate is that they do not know much about many of the rare and unusual gemstones on the market today. The Internet and TV shopping channels have shown people what is available in the beautiful world of gemstones, but many would feel more comfortable if they knew more. We have many rare and beautiful gemstones that you may not see anywhere else, and we want you to know about these gems.

Genuine All-American Gemstones

We specialize in American Gemstones, and have a fine selection of gems which were mined right here in the good old US of A. We own our own Turquoise mines and have many contacts at other American mines.

Peridot - From Arizona and Worldwide
Ametrine - Purple and gold bi-colors Ametrine.jpg (3891 bytes) Rhodolite Garnet - Raspberry Red and Pink Colors

rhodolite.jpg (4247 bytes)

Apatite - Beautiful Neon Blues and Greens Apatite.jpg (4323 bytes) Ruby - Fiery Reds

Ruby.jpg (4382 bytes)

Aquamarine - Beautiful Blues and Greens Sapphire - All Colors of the Rainbow

Citrine - Golden Yellow to Orange-Red CITRINE.JPG (4634 bytes) Spinel - Natural, and in All Colors

Chrysoberyl - Both bright green and Catseye Sunstone - Oregon Reds and Golden Champagne

Sunstn.JPG (3714 bytes)

Diamond- The King of jewels

DIAMOND.JPG (4223 bytes)

Tanzanite - Beautiful shades of Blue

tanz5a.JPG (3366 bytes)

Emerald - Bright Green and Full of Sparkle

Emerald.jpg (4345 bytes)

Tourmaline - Reds, Pinks, Blues and Emerald Greens
Garnet - Fiery Reds and Oranges Topaz - Imperial Gold and beautiful Blues Imp_topaz.jpg (4048 bytes)
Morganite Morganite.JPG (3894 bytes) Turquoise - All shades of Blues and Greens, We Mine Our Own! royston_377.jpg (4006 bytes)
Opal - Australian and Mexican OPAL.JPG (2735 bytes) Tsavorite - The rare Green Garnet tsavorite.jpg (4767 bytes)
Cats eye Opal - very Rare and beautiful cateyeopal.jpg (2623 bytes) Zircon - All Colors: Red, Flame Orange, Blue, Green and Colorless Zircon.jpg (3848 bytes)

Nevada Outback Gems

Nevada Turquoise jewelry spiderweb blue and green
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