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I have been involved in individual prospecting, mining, and environmental control for more than 30 years. I've found gold and other minerals all over the western US, Alaska and even in Australia. I am the author of a very successful book  Fists Full Of Gold  that is available for sale in many retail locations including large commercial bookstores like Barnes and Noble. I am also the Associate Editor of the Prospecting and Mining Journal, a magazine that has been published monthly for more than 80 years (obviously I've not been with them the entire time) and have written more than 100 articles for publication. I have spoken many times to clubs and other groups, as well as at meetings and seminars, and  have also been invited to testify numerous times before various political Boards and Commissions. I've even served as an expert witness in court cases on topics related to mining. I have a degree in Mine Engineering from the Mackey School of Mines in Reno (Part of the University of Nevada, Reno). I also worked for a governmental environmental permitting agency and was involved in issuing permits to mining operations. This gives me somewhat of a unique perspective having been both the person applying for mining permits as well as the person issuing the same mining permits (different times and different projects of course).

You might consider me for an interview or other project if you are looking for input on the following topics:
1. Individual prospecting and panning or metal detecting for gold nuggets
2. Rock hound hobbies and mineral collecting
3. How gold and silver are mined, processed and consumed
4. Current trends in the mining industry
5. Environmental laws affecting the mining industry
6. Gold Rush History and early day mining in the Western US.

Filming for the History Channel

I am easy to get along with, have a reasonable sense of humor and enjoy working with media folks (well at least 98% of them) and I am generally available for public speaking engagements, interviews, videos and other media projects. For public speaking engagements, I have my own digital projector to make presentations. Of course I reserve the right to turn down any project, but I will say that I am an open minded individual. I have appeared on local television channels, national cable TV including the History Channel and G-4 (a channel targeted at young men) as well as a number of other more narrowly targeted video projects. I have also been interviewed by a number of authors for newspapers and even assisted in providing research and historical background information on various media projects.

I can be reached via email at:

If things seem like they will work for your project, I will either call you (if you leave a number) or send you my cell number back by return email and we can talk further about things. I normally check my email quite regularly.

You can also reach me by snail mail at:

Chris Ralph
P. O. Box 3104
Reno, Nevada 89505

More information about me and my website can be found here:
Chris Ralph, Background and Interests

Filming for the G-4 Cable Channel

Some of  the gold I've found

Metal detecting for gold in Western Australia

Filming a video project at a Turquoise Mine in Nevada


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