Basic Placer Mining for Gold

Large 7.5 ounce California gold nugget


Lots of folks are taking a look at prospecting for gold, both as a recreational activity and as an effort to make some extra money. While you are not likely to strike it rich, you probably will have a great time and find some real gold. If you work hard, you'll even find a few gold nuggets. Truth is that the old timers didn't get it all and there is still gold to be found "in them there hills". I'd like to provide you with some useful and free information on this rewarding pastime. Most of the topics below are written with an eye toward new prospectors, but there is a wealth information here for both new and experienced prospectors alike, so make a selection and take a look...... 8 ounces of large Alaska gold nuggets

Fun of Prospecting

Experience the outdoors and find your own gold nuggets in the process. Prospecting is a whole lot of fun - it's an exciting and healthy endeavor for the whole family that everyone can participate in. No wonder so many people are turning to this rewarding pastime. Click here and see what it's all about.

Gold Mining Fun

Gold Panning: You Can To Do It

Gold panning isn't hard, these instructions will get you started and keep you going. You can learn how to do it for yourself! Read our simple description here, give it a little practice, and you'll soon be out in the hills digging your own gold.

Gold Panning

Sluicing For Gold Nuggets

Running a sluice box is the next step up from a gold pan. You can process is much through a sluice in an hour as you can through a gold pan in an entire day. Check out this article explaining how to operate and use a sluice.

gold nugget sluicing

Introduction to Placer Mining

Have you ever wondered how digging for gold works? Would you like to be out there digging your own gold? Here is your invitation to find out about prospecting by checking these Web pages. 


gold ounce pan  

Dredging For Gold

Underwater gold dredging  takes you to a place the 49ers could never reach - the gold on the bottom of the river. A suction dredge vacuums the gravel and gold off the river bed. Take a look here and see what it takes to mine placer gold underwater with a small sized suction dredge. 


gold dredging

Dry Washing For Gold

For most gold prospectors, processing gravels in the desert means dry washing.  A dry washer is basically a sluicing device that uses blowing air instead of water. Here the basics of  what you need to know to run a dry washer.


Dry Washing Gold

Metal Detecting For Nuggets

Some really big gold finds are being made with metal detectors. A detector will allow you to scan in seconds an amount of material that it would take you an hour to process in a dry washer. Interested in trying out this new and exciting technology? Check in here to learn  what electronic prospecting is all about.


metal detecting gold  Recommended
Metal Detectors:


Natural Gold Nuggets

Want to see some great photos of natural gold nuggets from California, Arizona and Nevada? Check in here to see a variety of real, natural gold specimens and large showy nuggets.


natural crystal gold

Hand Sniping and Small Scale Prospecting

It doesn't take a million dollars worth of prospecting equipment to find some really nice gold. There are guys out there finding some really nice gold with nothing but simple hand tools. Find out about prospecting with the basics.


sniping gold

Getting Started By Joining a Prospecting Club

New Prospectors often wonder where they will go to prospect. While you are still learning the ropes, its a great idea to join a prospecting club. They can offer you loads of resources and help. Check in here to see my suggestions to new prospectors just getting started. I also have a listing of prospecting clubs you might be interested in.

gold prospecting clubs  





Geology of Gold Deposits

Ever wonder where all that beautiful gold originally comes from and how it forms? Here is some information on quartz veins, geothermal fluids in an easy to understand form. Take a look in here to learn more about the geology of gold deposits, both placer and hard rock.  

gold geology


Commercial Mining Equipment

Commercial placer mining operations have different equipment than the typical individual prospector, but then they are processing huge amounts of gravel. Take a look here to see what the big mining companies use to separate the gold from the gravel when they are processing hundreds of yards an hour.

Commercial Gold Mining

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Want to know a little bit more about this crazy prospector guy? Well, here's a little bit more about me, and how I got into prospecting: Chris' Prospecting Story  

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