Gold Prospecting In Alaska

In 2006, I had the chance to go on a prospecting trip to Alaska - it was the adventure of a lifetime and I found some nice gold while I was there. Alaska is a wild and beautiful place. Its a very different environment than the deserts of Nevada and Arizona or the Sierra mountains of California. I was there in June, and it was never really fully dark - it just got to be dusk for a few hours each evening. You couldn't get to the gold mine I was visiting except by airplane. This summer (2012) I will return for another, more extended prospecting trip to another part of this large and productive state and again it is a remote location reachable only by air. Many mining locations in this state are so remote that they are accessible only in that way. Unlike some other western states, Alaska has a large amount of state owned land that is open to prospecting and leasing for mineral development, resulting that in Alaska there are both state and federal mining claims. Alaska is a huge area, and I cant really offer much prospecting guidance to the Alaska - Yukon area, but in addition to the information I can provide, I'd like to share some experiences and historical information.  Click on the highlighted topic links below to access the information I have assembled for you to review.  Good luck in your prospecting and may you find that big nugget that's out there waiting for you!

For Information on Placer Gold Districts in Located in Alaska, check out the links below:


Prospecting at Moore Creek

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Prospecting at Nome


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The Great Klondike Gold Rush

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