Privacy Statement For Nevada Outback Gems:


Privacy Statement for this website:

Nevada Outback Gems is owned and operated by an individual, Chris Ralph. I sell gems, jewelry and a book, as well as provide free information on my website. Occasionally, I offer comments on products I like. For further information about that, see my DISCLOSURE POLICY. I strongly believe in the importance of keeping all personal information private and personal. I will never use your information for any use beyond that stated or the permissions you give us. We never collect or sell information to other entities regarding our web site users. I donít want my data spread about, and has been my long-standing policy to do the same for others and respect the privacy of my customers and website users. You may reach me at:

Chris Ralph
P. O. Box 3104
Reno, Nevada 89505

By email at:

IP Addresses and Server Logs
Our server does record IP addresses and produces server logs - as all Web Servers do. This information is used solely for monitoring the volume of traffic the site receives and measuring the number of visitors. Information on specific visitors is not collected. We do not use this or any other information for tracking the activities of specific visitors to the site.

I never place cookies on the computers of the visitors to my site, so I do not collect and do not aggregate any information about my visitors. Many companies do this, but I do not.

The Nevada Outback Gems website runs advertising for a wide variety of organizations. I have no control over the privacy or information that may be collected on other sites after you leave my webpage.

I reserve the right to publish emails and letters sent to me. I work for a magazine and sometimes the questions I am asked are of general interest to our readers. If the sender asks that that we don't reveal his or her identity, that information won't be published. We never publish a private email address unless specifically asked to do so by its owner.

Data Protection
I donít take credit cards for purchases except through Paypal, so I never have or touch any credit card or other personal data.  Even with addresses needed to ship items, once the transaction is fully complete, I destroy the information. I do not maintain or sell subscriber lists, mailing lists, phone numbers, nor email addresses. If you provide your email address or phone number, I will only contact you if it is needed in the normal course of business or contact that you have requested.

Changes to this Policy
As statutory and online requirements change so this policy document may change. Any changes will be highlighted across the site to ensure that all readers have the opportunity to respond to these changes.


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