What Books Are Available to Learn About Making Your Own Jewelry?


Recommended Books on Jewelry Making and Related Topics

No matter what the aspect of jewelry making you might be most interested in, be it bead stringing, casting molten metal, soldering pieces together, working with precious metal clay or setting gems in pre-made jewelry, there is always an opportunity to learn more.  The information I'm providing is meant to answer the most common questions, and really educate the public on jewelry making and gems, by providing a picture of what jewelry making techniques are out there and available. While this website represents a great resource, and it is my intent to continue to grow this web based information database, if you really want to get into the practice of making your own jewelry, you will need more information on the tools and skills which are required.  That's where my recommended books will come in handy for you.

There is so much to learn on this fascinating hobby and if you really want to dig in and search books are exactly the place to start. There are many possible specialties in the jewelry field. You can get into metal working in all its many forms or investigate gemstones and study their mineralogy, and stone identification.  There is a whole world of so many other related topics. For the true seekers, there is much more to learn for those who seek knowledge and wisdom.


I have carefully put together a whole set of recommended books on jewelry and gemstone related topics. The page listing the recommended books actually has the links which will allow you to purchase the books directly from Amazon without any further searching. If you would like to see my recommendations, please check out the links listed below:

My recommended books on Lapidary and jewelry Making:

My recommended books on Gems and Gemstones:

My recommended books on Gemstones Mined in the USA:

My recommended books on Minerals and Geology:


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