The Essential Secrets of Making Big Money on AdSense: Do It Right

Interested in AdSense? Well, its no big secret that some folks are making some significant money in Google’s AdSense program. Experienced website publishers are making $100 to $1000 per day and some even more. In the AdSense program, website owners publish information folks are interested in, Google generates ads which match the topics and content of the pages published, and if readers find the ads interesting, they click on them and the publisher is paid for the interested readers he sends to the advertiser.  

In spite of what you read, it is not the quick way to buckets of easy money. In my experience, when people tell you they have some special secret to for making fast easy money they are always trying to sell you something. More often than not, the product for sale is usually worthless information or some other worthless product. I am selling nothing, so I will be frank and honest and tell you the real truth. Yes, AdSense is truly a great opportunity, especially if you own an already popular website. On the other hand, the days of throwing up a low quality web site made of material copied (often illegally) from other sites and making easy money are gone. What few of these junky MFA (Made For AdSense) arbitrage sites that remain are under attack from Google. Advertisers find these sites are undesirable places to put their ads. Google does not like their business model (nor the fact that they make advertisers unhappy), and is actively seeking to find such low quality sites and remove them from the AdSense program. The minimum acceptable quality bar for MFA sites keeps being raised all the time, so why build a junk site and constantly have to fight to keep it above the minimum standards?

 The reliable way to make money on AdSense is to create high quality pages of unique information that are of value and interest to readers. Create a website which is the proverbial “better mousetrap” and in time you will generate the necessary interest, traffic and ad revenue. Publishing a website is much like publishing paper and ink magazine or newspaper – in that readers want a quality publication that is interesting and entertaining. Like the older media forms, advertisers like high quality attractive publications – and they don’t like slapped together junk that no one finds interesting or useful. If you are going to build up a business this way, its worth your effort to take your time and do it right. Never forget that in the end, the essence of your AdSense business is selling advertising space and your publication must be a place where your advertisers want to put their ads. Here are some of my 10 essential secrets for starting and creating a successful web based business using AdSense:

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The Ten Essential Secrets For Making Money On AdSense:

Here's a listing of the raw unadulterated truth about how you can make good money with AdSense.  Now I'm not trying to sell you anything having to do with AdSense: no software, no pre-made websites, no nothing. Therefore I am going to tell you just good advice on how it really is, and not how the peddlers want you to hear it. This may differ from what you've heard, but its the real truth.

1.   Don’t bother to chase high paying keywords – it’s a waste of time.:        I'd guess more than 100,000 folks have already bought the e-books and other materials that say this is the way to go, and its all bogus information. The payment per click numbers presented are the maximum you might be paid, but there is nothing that requires Google to pay you that amount. If Google decides your site is of a low quality, and the sales leads you generate are of a poor quality as well, instead of paying you $10 a click for asbestos cancer clicks, they can pay you 2 cents – its called smart pricing and is done all the time. In addition, there are already thousands of sites competing for these high dollar keywords – and you will be fighting thousands of others who already have a head start on you to get to the top of the heap. Instead, select a topic that has less competition and still has plenty of advertisers wanting to sell goods related to that topic. If possible, it is best to select a topic you know about and are interested in yourself, as you may be writing quite a bit about it while building your site.

 2.  Research and choose your website topic carefully :   Some topics just don't lend themselves well to profitable ads. A Brittany Spears or Paris Hilton website may attract traffic, but you probably wont have good advertising to go with the topic and the traffic probably will not be folks who are interested in buying products that are advertised on your pages. Ask yourself what are companies advertising out there? Not so much on TV, but in smaller media – yellow pages, newsletters, magazines, etc. These are your competition. There are literally hundreds of small niche hobby and special interest magazines – consider their topics as potential areas of interest for a web site. Take a look and see what kind of advertisers they have. The goal is to pick a topic where people are actively looking to purchase things and the ads become just as important as your content, so they're clicking around all over the place to find what they're looking for.  If you've got a site providing information for people who are looking to buy something, they're much more likely to click your ads. Pick a topic where people are looking to buy goods and services, not hobby chat, humor, celebrities or other less profitable topics. Anything can make money but when people are in a buying mood those ads are as good as gold and your topic can make all the difference. The motivation of visitors coming to your site really matters quite a bit. If someone is looking for a recipe they will find it and continue on. If your reader is looking for information on the latest misadventures of Lindsay Lohan or some other celebrity, they will also find it and move on. On the other hand, if someone is looking for a information on hotels and places to visit in a certain city, then they are more of the mindset that they will look at your ads and visit the advertisers with the intention to pull out a credit card and make a reservation or purchase. This type of mindset in your visitors is good for you as well as the advertiser.


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3.  Focus on building a high quality site:   Map out a strategy for what you will have and the site you intend to build. Your content matters to your readers! Sites that have a couple hundred words of meaningless drivel on every page are shallow and of little interest. Those sites that rely on a shallow rather than deep content model are more vulnerable to competition than more authoritative deeper sites are. Google knows that the web is overloaded with sites built of pages that are shallow, rather than deep, and on the Google search side, they know the difference. Sites that are designed purely to benefit the publisher aren't likely to prosper indefinitely. What useful information will your website provide to your visitor? Sites with shallow content are also not likely to attract repeat users, which means they're throwing away revenue opportunities from return visits.  More info on Writing High Quality Content

 4. For AdSense to work you need traffic, and a boatload of it :  If your site cannot generate traffic, you wont be able to make much of a profit. AdSense is all about selling interested traffic to the advertiser – and if you don’t have much traffic, you don’t have much to sell. It is important to concentrate first on a positive, quality user experience for your readers. Good content generates interest and clicks, professionalism and quality generates clicks, relevance generates clicks: all these are the things you need to be successful. Well organized and laid out sites, with good honest SEO will bring the right kind of traffic. Building a quality site is like building a building: brick by brick it goes together to form the intended finished product. In time you will get the bookmarks, the good incoming links, the high positions in the search engines and the traffic that all those things bring. Once you have that traffic coming to your website, if your website is well optimized with AdSense, then the money flows. Article marketing is one way to increase your traffic, and you can read more about that at my website on the topic:  Gaining Traffic Through Article Marketing

5. When you put ads up on your page, blend them into the structure of the page:  You will likely find that if you put any type of border around the ads--- even if the rest of your web site has borders everywhere – your clicks will drop dramatically. The colors of the ad background should be similar to or the same as the background of your web page so that the ads blend seamlessly into your pages.  Borders and sharp contrasts just seem to make the ads easier to ignore.

6. Optimize your web pages to have your AdSense advertisements in the best locations.:   Google staff has done research on this and they have published information about how to best optimize the location of the ads. Make use of their information, especially the Google ad location heat map. Generally the best locations are on the left side of the page and above the halfway point of the page (also called above the fold). Don’t forget that both text type and link type ad units have their place in web page design. Use of both types of ads in an attractive format can help your click through rate significantly. 

7. Often the best money making AdSense pages offer something for sale, and have ads on that page that offer the same things for sale :   Webmasters who struggle along making a only a small amount of money each month are not offering anything for sale on their pages so they don't have money making ads on those pages either. It is not that difficult to get a lot of clicks on your page if you are selling something on that page that people are hunting for. People come to the page in a "hunting mode" and are ready to click on ads that offer what they are "hunting" for. If you don't sell the item that they are hunting for at least have ads on your page that lead to some web site that does. So you get a few cents when they leave your site still in that "hunting" mode. Your site should provide, where possible, all the background information that users need so they will continue to visit throughout the research and buying cycle. 


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8. Let your adSense ads do the talking for you :    You cannot call attention to the ads, or point them out to your visitors as that is a violation of the AdSense Terms of Service (TOS). However there is a method where in you can be silent and not mention them in any way, and in doing that, you call attention to them through your silence. The strategy works this way: if you have a product related to your site then talk about your product, talk about the advantages of owning the product, talk about great experiences you’ve had with the product, talk about how to select the varieties of the product for purchase. However: don’t say one single word about where to people can purchase the product. By your total and complete silence on locations and businesses where that great product can be bought, you let your AdSense ads do all the talking for you. Readers who are interested in making a purchase of the product will click on your ads to research where to make that purchase.

9. Acquiring great Content for your site :  One of the most important things you will need in building your web site is good, interesting content. Sure it would be a lot easier if folks would just write quality articles for you and submit them to you for free. That is why there are about 10,000 article directories out there – nearly all trying to make a buck on AdSense. Some do succeed, but most do not. Some webmasters will simply copy articles off those article directory sources, but Google has now levied a significant penalty to the value of copied material. Forums can be a significant source of unique material, but forum members generally don’t click on AdSense ads. User generated sources can be great, but they all require some significant cultivation and work from the webmaster to create and maintain a community of users that care about the site topic, but still get along. 

All this leads you to weigh the possible sources of content for your own website:  Works of your own authorship: much more effort; Copied works from others: penalized to be of little value from Google; Unique user contributed content: great idea but this material does not grow on trees or just flow in from anywhere - it has to be cultivated. Perhaps the best approach is a balance, depending on your particular abilities and skills. Consider what is possible in your chosen niche, and focus on developing that valuable content. Whatever the source, high quality, unique, interesting content as they say, is the key to your success.

10. Read and follow the AdSense Terms of Service (TOS):  Don’t try to game the system, cheat, or generate false clicks. Google has been sued by advertisers for the costs of all false clicks, and in response Google has developed a very sophisticated system to identify fraudulent clicks. In spite of this, some folks think that they can game the system - I say dont waste you time trying. You'd be much better off producing good worthwhile content. Violators of the terms (TOS) are promptly banned, and all payments in your AdSense account are seized – you don’t get them. So read and obey the rules: don’t have your friends or relatives click on your site, don’t place the navigation bar over ads such that unintentional clicks are generated, don’t call attention to your ads or ask your visitors to click on them. In short, don’t do any of the 1001 things that folks do to game the system. Here is an important secret you ought to keep in your mind: It is fairly easy to get into the AdSense program, but it is extremely difficult to get restored once you are banned.  If you are banned, all that hard work to build your web site will be lost, and thrown away down the drain. In my opinion, cheating just isn’t worth it, so read and know the TOS, and follow them. Take the time to study the information Google provides on their AdSense website; and learn more about how Google generates its contextual ads.


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You can do it if you'll make the effort and stay with it.
For those willing to put in the effort, significant money can be made, but like most businesses, its work and you many not make huge profits right at the start. It aint easy money, so don’t expect that you will put up a few ads on a brand new site and buckets of money will just come rolling in. If you already own a web site with loads of traffic coming to it you may be able to add AdSense code and immediately start making good money – but that is because the work of building a website and growing it to be a busy place with lots of interest is already done.
Ultimately, to make money with AdSense you need generate significant traffic at your site. Good, old-fashioned honest SEO, link development, social networking and other methods to increase traffic will be required. The ins and outs of developing web traffic vary depending on the exact topic and nature of your web pages, and are a whole additional topic beyond the scope of this paper, but they are still important in creating a successful AdSense web site.

Take Adsense seriously, study how it works carefully, adhere to the rules, play around with color and placement of your ads until you get a good click through rate. If you apply yourself, it can be a lucrative source of income. There is no secret to AdSense apart from a lot of hard work, careful thought, and of course, a lot of traffic, which will come if you put together a website that caters for your visitors, and not high paying keywords.  Consider what you would want to find for yourself if you were on the internet looking for the kind of information and products you will feature on your website. If you focus on a quality site with unique and desirable information, programs or other things that will be useful to your readers, and provide them with what they want, in the end you will have a site you are proud of, the readers will have a site they are interested in reading, and advertisers will have a quality site on which they want to place their advertisements. Clicking on the button below will take you to the Google website and allow you to sign up today. Adding Adsense to your site is as simple as adding just a snippet of html code, and Google generates the code for you.

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People are used to ads from newspapers to radio to TV - why not make the most of your website? Its easy to do, even if all you get out of AdSense is the funds sufficient to support the hosting costs. There is a lot of information out there on getting the most out of the opportunities in AdSense and I suggest you do you research, investigate fully and and get started right. Its free to sign up so take a serious look at the program today.

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